Website Optimisation Consultant

I help businesses get more visitors to their websites and make more money by implementing innovative SEO strategies and high performing conversion optimisation.

I started Kazu in 2015 so I could do some consultancy work alongside my job as Head of SEO at 4Choice Limited - a price comparison company from the UK. I realised how exciting working on multiple projects could be, and how much I love running my own business. In 2016 I left 4Choice to work full time as an SEO and digital marketing consultant and set up my business in Plymouth, Devon.

Since then I've worked on several major websites. The company has gone from strength to strength, providing SEO and CRO strategy and execution to a selection of business service websites, affiliate sites, blogs, and eCommerce stores in The UK, USA, Netherlands, Australia, and Hungary.

I've never had a Google penalty of any kind applied to a site I've worked on - I know, that should be a given for anyone working in this field, but still - and what's more, I've ALWAYS had positive results (more traffic after the project than before). But I'm a cautious guy, which is why I have £1,000,000 of professional indemnity insurance in case I make a major slip up.

SEO Consultant Joe Robinson



I often meet people who say they've had a bad experience with an SEO agency.

It's true there are many unscrupulous companies out there who do little more than buying links at a PBN and sending ranking reports once a month for a handful of predetermined keywords.

No wonder people are unhappy.

I also speak to loads of people in the SEO community who brag about setting up an agency and charging clients thousands but doing very little work. A common thing agencies do is charge a high monthly rate but get junior level employees or freelancers to do almost all the work. 

Being a consultant means I can only take on so much work per month, and once my schedule is full there's no room to make more money. But it also allows me to focus a guaranteed amount of time each month on a client's website.

I lighten the burden of running a business by being an expert member of your team with whom you have direct communication, not trickle down information. I'm fully accountable for my work, and provide highly detailed reports every month.

And if something isn't working, I address the issue and make it right.

Now, agencies may have bigger pools of resources, but I only use the very best tools and if I do need to hire a freelancer, I hand pick them myself for the specific task I need help with, not just delegate it to a junior team member.