Website Optimisation Consultant

My name is Joe Robinson. I'm the Managing Director of KAZU Web Services. I've spent the past seven years helping businesses get more visitors to their websites and make more money by implementing rock solid SEO strategies.

At KAZU we design and execute comprehensive technical SEO, content marketing, and linkbuilding campaigns that are truly bespoke and place your business at the forefront of every decision.

I started KAZU in 2015 so I could take on consultancy work alongside my job as Head of SEO at 4Choice Limited - a price comparison company from the UK. I realised how exciting working on multiple projects could be, and how much I love running my own business. In 2016 I left 4Choice to work full time as an SEO and digital marketing consultant.

Since then I've worked on several major websites. The company has gone from strength to strength, providing SEO and CRO strategy and execution to a selection of business service websites, affiliate sites, blogs, and eCommerce stores in The UK, USA, Netherlands, Australia, and Hungary.

I work with a carefully selected team of skilled SEOs, developers, and writers.

SEO Consultant Joe Robinson