SEO Case Study: How I grew traffic to a client's money page by 352% in 3 months

The client runs an affiliate site in the digital technology industry, but was struggling to increase traffic to the money page. I designed and executed a campaign to bring them more traffic and increase their site's authority.

Project goals:

  • Resolve technical SEO issues
  • Identify areas of weakness within content
  • Improve key content
  • Build high quality backlinks from relevant, authoritative websites
  • Increase organic traffic to a specific landing page
  • Increase overall monthly session to website by 100,000




First I performed highly detailed audits of both the technical set-up of the site and the quality and effectiveness of the content.

I identified a number of issues that had been overlooked when setting up the WordPress site, as well as specific reasons why pieces of content weren't ranking.

The technical audit I delivered to the client, for their developer to use as instructions for a site update.

We had a meeting to address the results of both audits, and discussed the findings of the content audit, and how to improve their existing content to achieve the best results over the coming months.


Deliverables, prioritized and ready for implementation:

  • Technical site audit
  • Content audit
  • Conversion audit 



Content Improvement

I worked closely with the client to create improved versions of their content. Using the keyword reports from the content audit I was able to add huge value whilst strategically increasing keyword combinations within the most important content

Each new piece of content was around 2000 words, meaning I was able to really dig deep into the topic, alleviate readers' pain points, and increase the website's overall value

The new content was specifically designed to appeal to website owners, bloggers, and influencers in the client's niche - allowing us to easily build links to their site.



  • 6 high quality pieces of content based on their previous work
  • Social and blog discovery to find target outreach sites



Outreach based linkbuilding

I used the research from stages one and two to form the basis of an outreach campaign, targeting website owners, bloggers, and influencers, with the aim of acquiring high-quality backlinks.

I take outreach and linkbuilding very seriously, as it's one of the most misunderstood and often abused areas of SEO these days. I perform various checks and tests to ensure I'm sending from a trusted and correctly set up email server so I don't encounter spam related issues.

I manually check the quality of every single website I write to, and have specially designed processes and frameworks to build rapport and get the best success rate.



  • Over two months, I secured over 60 high quality backlinks
  • All links going from real content - no guest posts
  • Backlinks all placed  by website owners without charge - no paid links

Project outcomes

So what happened? 

Within weeks of commencing, traffic to the money page began to increase, and as I continued to perform outreach, building high-quality editorial backlinks, traffic continued to increase at a very nice rate.

After three months of working with the client, I had built over 60 high-quality backlinks, and increased search traffic to the money page by 352%, along with a total traffic increase to the site of 102,746.

  • 60 high quality, relevant backlinks.
  • Traffic to money page increase from 6,527 sessions/ month to 29,544.
  • Overall site traffic increase from 281,645 sessions/ month to 384,391.
  • Total site traffic increase of 102,746 in the fourth month.

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