Proper internal linking is a really useful way to give your site a rankings boost.

When taking on any new client, I always start with with a full website audit, and this always includes a detailed look at how the website's pages link to one another.

Now, I always look at this from a user experience point of view, and that's how Google looks at it too.

If it takes too many clicks to get to a page, people aren’t going to find it.

As white-hat linkbuilders we send a lot of emails. Many of these are cold emails to people who’ve never heard of us.

People like to say things like “follow them on twitter first to build a rapport”, but even if you do they’re still cold in the email because their email account has never interacted with yours before.

Now depending on their spam filter settings, it may be that you have trouble getting your email to land in their actual inbox. Not a big deal, right, if a few emails are blocked as spam - we are sending unsolicited emails after all.

Well, that’s the thing - we’re not sending spam.

We’re CAREFUL about who we send outreach to, and we make sure we’re only sending our outreach emails to people who are likely to be interested in the content we’ve spent hours working on.

Content creation can be a grueling task.

Especially if you're like me: full of ideas but not that quick at putting those ideas into words.

That's why it can be really tempting to outsource content writing and be done with it.

With a fraction of the overall time input, you can get amazing results by outsourcing specific processes to highly efficient freelancers.

This post focuses on just one aspect of the content marketing - writing articles, blog posts, guides, any text based content.

High-quality backlinks.

Everyone wants them, so we're going to look at one of my favourite processes I use to find the people who can give them to you.

Linkbuilding has become a fiercely debated area of SEO over the past few years, with more and more website owners saying things like "My site is in the top three and I haven't done any linkbuilding".

And of course there are Tweets like these from Google staff:

Linkbuilding tweet

Which is all fine and well, although I don't believe it's very useful for people working in SEO, and I'll tell you why.