Website traffic in decline? You’re not alone.

Hundreds of thousands of websites were hit hard by Google algorithm updates in summer 2018.

Sites that had been around for years went from page one to page 3+ virtually overnight.

Here's your chance to get your rankings and traffic back.

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Does this look familiar?


The Google updates in 2018 caused a seismic shift in rankings across millions of search terms.

This shake up uncovered a fundamental change in the way Google ranks pages.

If your traffic was growing nicely but took a big hit in summer, you probably ended up on the wrong side of the update.

How I recover your lost rankings


Your brand's Expertise, Authority, and Trustworthiness are among the most important elements of the new Google ranking factors. Does your site deliver?

Page Speed

Users don't wait for a slow page to load, they click back and go elsewhere. Google also doesn't want to waste resources by regularly crawling a slow site.


Google can recognize a site that's difficult to navigate. If it takes 10 clicks to find a certain page, it will never rank. Which pages on your site are helping your SEO?


Does your content make other website owners envious? Does it attract natural backlinks? Does it fulfill users' requirements? If not, you'll have a hard time getting it to rank.


What does your backlink profile look like? Too many forum profiles and unrelated backlinks will hurt your site, whilst high-quality editorial backlinks will skyrocket your traffic.

Technical SEO

How often is Googlebot visiting your site, and is it getting lost or stuck? Do you have any broken JavaScript or CSS? Is your markup displaying correctly? Do you have any resource-hungry plugins?

Want to see results? You're in the right place


eCommerce site that came to me when their efforts to build organic traffic had stalled. They had a number of technical and usability issues that I sorted before going to work on their content. Less than five months in and organic users are up 72%.

Screenshot (820)
Screenshot (821)
USA keywords
USA keywords


A Brand new site with no traffic. A nice clean slate to work with. Four months in and we've just passed 368 organic sessions in a single day,200 daily organic sessions, with 582 keywords on the first page.

Screenshot (846)
Screenshot (845)

Dedicated Senior SEO

You won't find an expert salesman getting you onboard then passing your site to an inexperienced colleague. All work is carried out by me, an advanced SEO practitioner with years of experience in both large, corporate sites, and small local businesses.

Detailed Reporting

I pride myself on the quality and detail of my reporting. As a keen statistician, I love graphs and tables, and anything that makes large amounts of data easier to understand. You'll also have unlimited email consultation and regular phone/Skype meetings.

100% White-hat

I only use tactics and processes that are in-line with Google's Webmaster and Quality guidelines. There's no point trying to trick Google into increasing your rankings. High quality work that improves your website overall is the only thing worth doing.

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