Content Management

Carefully crafted, expert level content can position you at the forefront of your industry.

For years SEO professionals have known that the way to get above the top competitors is to create high quality content that people want to read.

But what if you already have content that's not performing?

How can you create content that will transform your website traffic?

I perform two main content services:

Renewing and improving your old content, and creating Power Pages.

content marketing

Renewing your content

I work with a lot of companies that have plenty of content on their websites, but just aren't getting the visitor numbers to show for it.

They have an FAQ section, helpful guides, and tips for getting the most out of their product or service.

In fact, some have hundreds of posts, but they just don't get read.

So what's going on?

To get to the top of Google results, you don't just need content, but content that specifically helps an area of your business.

In order to get your already existing content to perform better, I create a content audit that details important information such as titles, word-counts, keywords, rankings, traffic, and search performance.

I then further analyse the poorly performing pages to find pages that have a low word count and are connected by topic.

Blog management

These can often be combined to produce long-form content such as guides that tend to do much better in search results.

Those that can't be saved are discarded.

Finally I redirect the old URLs to new ones, slimming down the website and getting rid of the fluff, so only the highest quality content survives.

This is a tried and tested method that I've used many times and always see a jump in traffic soon after.

Power-Page creation

This is where we really get down to business, and open the doors to massive organic traffic.

Over the past six years, I've spent a large portion of my time studying the types of content that tend to do well from an SEO perspective. I bought Brian Dean's SEO That Works course, studied it, and used his lessons to produce world class content that has brought literally millions of visitors to clients' websites.

I've come to the understanding that there are certain types of content that can have an incredibly powerful impact on your website's search positions and overall organic traffic.

These pages are known as Power-Pages.

Power-Pages are advanced pieces of long-form content tailored towards people in your industry who are likely to share, link to, and mention them.

They have to look great, have extremely high quality information that isn't available elsewhere, be highly shareable, and solve a specific problem by being an accurate and comprehensive resource.

power page

Put simply, Power-Pages are world class content that stand out among readers and other website owners.

They work on so many levels:

  • People love data, especially when it's displayed in an easy to understand format.
  • You can get plenty of keywords and variations in there without a hint of overuse.
  • Engaging content increases time on page.
  • Power-Pages are easy(ish) to build high quality backlinks to.
  • They never go out of date.

There are many processes that go into creating a Power-Page, with each serving a specific purpose to maximise the impact when it's published.

I'm always happy to talk about my processes, so shoot me an email if there are any details you'd like to know.