Promotion and Linkbuilding

High quality linkbuilding - the key to exponential growth

It's no secret that Google places high value on links from other websites to yours.

But it's no longer a case of commenting in forums or writing masses of guest posts.

The sites that are really killing it now in SEO are earning links from authority sites. This type of linkbuilding requires understanding, effort, and a lot of patience.


High-quality linkbuilding

A hugely important aspect of linkbuilding nowadays is the quality of link.

Strictly speaking, backlinks shouldn't be built at all, but rather earnt. Regardless of terminology, it's important to consider several aspects of what makes a link good, and what could potentially cause problems.

It's no use having a link on an unrelated website - relevance is more important now than it ever has been before.

We want links that are placed by website owners onto their own sites, that link to our content simply because our content is so good (hence Power-Pages).

Now, for a site that hasn't had a lot of SEO done already, it's unlikely any of the content ranks highly enough to be found naturally and linked to, which is why I perform rounds of outreach based linkbuilding for each new Power-Page.

The high-quality backlinks that can be obtained through this type of linkbuilding can have an incredible effect on your website rankings, take a look at this case study to see some real-world results.

Blogger outreach

Part of the Power-Page creation process involved identifying people in your industry that are likely to link to your site, and researching what they tend to link to and share.

So because we go into our linkbuilding phase with a list of quality prospects, our efforts are far more likely to yield results than if we just started randomly searching through other websites' backlink profiles.

Now I contact each and every person on that list, and ask them if they'd be interested in taking a look at the content. Some of them get back right away, some of them don't, so I set up systems to alert me if they haven't replied after a week or so.

I'll typically send anywhere between 1000 and 25,000 personal messages to website owners in your industry, to build up a network of contacts with whom I have rapport, and then go in with the request to have your content mentioned on their site.

This is a long and slow process, but when done right get's the biggest results of any of the services I provide.

blogger outreach

Broken linkbuilding

Old but gold.

Broken linkbuilding is a timeless strategy that involves finding pages that no longer exist but still have high-quality backlinks, and creating something at least as good, but preferably better than the original.

Then it's just a matter of sending an email to the linking sites that mentions their outdated resource, and that you have something that could replace it.

There are various strategies that can be utilised to find broken links, and this is a totally legit way to gain high-quality backlinks.

Infographic linkbuilding

Some people will tell you infographics are dead - they tried, failed, blamed the format.

The issue isn't with infographics as a format, but with the way many people try to make infgraphics.

Too many people focus on the design and forget the data or, even worse, just create a boring list with various semi-relevant pictures next to it. That's not how to create an infographic.

A quality infographic should be primarily about the data you want to share, with the graphic part being used to actually display that data in a way that's easily understandable at a glance.

This is where we find data visualisation such as beautiful charts, gifographics (moving infographics), and interactive maps. All of which are supremely shareable and linkable, and can be an incredible source of high-quality backlinks.

Once we've built a fantastic infographic, the linkbuilding part is much like that of a Power-Page, just with more options thanks to sites that specifically share infographics.